We loved you too, Ade, but you betrayed us

By Avenell Dave

Tragic, innocent Emmanuel Adebayor.

You have to feel sorry for the poor lad.

Picked from relative obscurity in Monaco, he had to really work hard to impress us Gooners because he was so clearly not a natural talent like his strike partner Thierry Henry.

But work he did, and over the course of time he scored a number of goals for Arsenal, some of them memorable.

But the old adage that form is temporary, class is permanent, could not be more apt than in Adebayor's case.

He's come out moaning about how unloved he felt at Arsenal in the last few months.

Funny that. Like a cute girlfriend who works hard to make herself a head-turner and impresses you and your mates, only to start flirting with other guys when she realises how she enjoys the attention and the wealthier sugar daddies out there, so Ade's unconvincing glances at Barcelona and Milan in the summer of 2008 dented our love for him.

That he then decided in no small way to stop putting in the basic effort that had brought him such rewards made him Addict's number one draft for departure in the summer.

He said today: "After just a week at City, I could feel that the supporters believed in me and were willing me to do well. They sing songs about me and they love me. I'm so happy because I'm really enjoying myself again. I certainly feel very at home, very comfortable."

And on how the Arsenal fans treated him: "These sort of things stay with you in your heart and it will stay with me not just for the rest of my career but the rest of my life. It was strange because I was such a happy boy there. I always gave my best for the team."

Er, no you didn't Ade.

You think you can fool all of the people all of the time when the opposite is true. No one is convinced by that JaJa Binks twang and your insincere laugh.

If you score tomorrow, will you kiss City's badge?

You're a footballing slut and when results start to wane and you endure a second season without Champions League football next year, you'll start itching for another move.

After all, you want to make as much money as you can, don't you?