How depressingly predictable - Eduardo, welcome to your new life

By Avenell Dave

I may not be Derren Brown, but I could still have told you what was going to happen last night and this morning.

I could have told you that England would win comfortably against Croatia and that the painfully jingoistic headlines would have been about winning the World Cup and bringing the trophy 'home'.

I even heard a journalist on Sky this morning suggest that England have so many tall players that it would help us win the World Cup because 'size matters at international level and if we're standing in the corridor waiting to come out and looking down on the likes of Brazil or Spain, that's going to have an adverse effect on the opposition.'

Excuse me? Notwithstanding the fact that Brazil have won the World Cup FIVE times, Spain won Euro 2008 and crushed England in a friendly lately, at last look, Aaron Lennon, Shrek Rooney, J*rm*in D%f*e and even C@$hley C*le and Fat Frank Lampard are hardly giants.

Anyway, I digress.

What I care about is how the Gunners are treated and I was disheartened at the predictable, pitiful treatment our own Eduardo received from the cretinous England fans.

Every time Dudu touched the ball, he was roundly jeered as if that contentious Champions League penalty that has blighted his name was clear cut, against Engerlund or an English team and was the latest in a long line of misdemeanours.

Wrong. Eduardo fell lightly; but he did not appeal; he has no history of diving; this was against a Scottish team, not an English one; Eduardo has always come across as someone who promotes fair play.

What made the matter worse and is worrying for all us Gooners, is that the Crozilian had a clear penalty turned down.

Shaping to head in, he was clattered to the ground by Glen Johnson for what even the one-eyed commentators agreed was a nailed-on penalty.

If that is how referees are going to react, we have a problem.

That's the same commentators on ITV who said at one point 'Eduardo was trying to win a cheap free kick there and the referee was having none of it...'

And if any of you accuse this Addict of being one-eyed, then I say to you that I have long been ashamed of Manu Eboue's antics on the pitch - he does not embrace the Arsenal way and although he's a decent squad player, he should be moved on.

His dive at Old Trafford so soon after the Dudu storm underlines how dumb he can be.

Although it was no more than a consolation, I'm delighted Eduardo scored last night - and given how bad a side he was playing in, perhaps that will give him confidence in the months to come.

One thing is guaranteed - Eduardo, you're going to get booed everywhere you go in England from now on and the only way you can respond is by doing what you do best and score a heap of goals.

Sadly, Eduardo will now always be judged as a cheat and it shows how crazy the world of football really is.

But at least RvP helped his striking colleague in some small way by ensuring the Scottish Football Association will be watching the World Cup from their armchairs rather than the Directors' Box.

(Sorry Graham!)