UEFA, you are a JOKE!!

By Avenell Dave

Well surprise surprise, Eduardo has been found guilty of 'simulation' and given a two match ban by UEFA.

It stinks.

Eduardo is the least likely player in the Arsenal squad to cheat or use gamesmanship.

He did not appeal for a penalty.

There was contact with Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc even though it was not significant.

Penalties are given for far less.

The referee's authority is now entirely undermined.

Arsenal's 19 page report seems to have been a waste of time because UEFA had made up their minds before the case was heard.

As Arsene Wenger says, it singles out Eduardo as a cheat, a reputation he will have to carry with him when it is entirely undeserved.

Ashley Young dived the day after Arsenal's match and nothing has been done.

Lionel Messi threw a punch two days later and nothing has been done.

UEFA has reacted to media furore caused by the SFA, who conveniently refused to criticise Celtic's Aidan McGeady when he was booked and subsequently sent off for diving last weekend.

You've made a huge rod for your own backs, UEFA, if you're going to be consistent about this.

I wonder if Mr CR7 will attract your attention (and if so, he may never play given how much he dives!)

Victory Through Harmony, Gooners.

We can't let the bastards get us down!