A plea to Arsenal tonight

By Avenell Dave

The more I think about tonight, the more I think about how vocal the Celtic fans are going to be.

Along with Portsmouth, it’s about as noisy an atmosphere as we’re likely to encounter this season – and heaven help us if Celtic snatch the opening goal.

We all know about the over-zealous stewards who have a habit of telling people off who in any way get animated during the game. That’s why Highbury’s ‘Library’ tag was fully deserved.

Remember how things were for the first seven minutes against M*nure last season?


So I implore the head of the stewards to let us fans sing and shout and dance up and down or do whatever we want to do, to create an atmosphere that Arsenal deserves.

And as our resident Veteran, Samuel Mowbray, said on Monday, why not take things a step further and organise a band or drummer at the very least to help ramp up the atmosphere at home games?

Let’s make Emirates a fortress.

And that’s down to us fans and the common sense of the stewards as well.