The time to pounce is now, Arséne

By Avenell Dave

When is the best time to expand, to build upon what you have and take advantage of positive vibes?

When the chips are down, a crisis is called and you're on your knees?

Or when you’re riding high and nothing but optimism surrounds you?

That’s the quandary I’ve been contemplating over the last 12 hours, since Arséne Wenger’s interview on the official site, which basically stated that our squad is HUGE.

It sounds like he's preparing us for no more new faces by the end of the transfer window next week.

Far be it for a player to advise his manager, but Andrey Arshavin's comments at the weekend show it's not just the fans who see the need for investment.

Yes, a year on, the likes of Nick Bendtner, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Song and Denilson look far better than they did last season and the improvement has had a tangible role to play in our blistering start to the season.

But while we still haven’t seen Carlos Vela, Tomas Rosicky, Samir Nasri, Armand Traore or any of our spare central defenders (Johann Djourou, Phil Senderos or Mikael Silvestre), surely this week is the time to buy players who may not have considered us a few weeks agon. Genuine world class players.

We can win it this season, you know? If we can maintain the momentum we built up in the second half of last season, we really do have a chance of challenging for the top silverware this year.

But if Denilson or Song gets injured, do we really have enough for the big games against the M*nure, Ch*vski or even, looking forward, the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona once we reach the latter stages of the Champions League (he says confidently).

And that’s what makes me scratch my head.

Wenger says that injuries were to blame for our struggles last season, and no one can doubt the truth in that.

But a couple of new faces, quality players aged 22-26 could make the difference between success and failure.

We’ve got Celtic tomorrow and after that, M*nure, so not a huge amount of time for Wenger to act before the international break, especially with players flying off when national duty calls.

We have such an exciting team, so much potential, and yet one really decent central defender and ball-winner in midfield to cover for the inevitable injuries or suspensions we’ll face could make all the difference.

Arséne knows. I just hope he doesn’t come to regret being overly prudent if the treatment room gets cramped in the months to come.