What the papers say: Wenger predicts European super league

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The Sun - Arsenal United!
ARSENE WENGER has hailed Arsenal's special team spirit after Saturday's sensational 6-1 victory at Everton.

The Daily Mirror - Arsenal are ready to battle for silverware on all fronts this season, says Arsene Wenger
Arsenal said Arsenal are ready to battle for silverware on all fronts and claimed his transfer policy will be fully vindicated this season.

The Daily Mail - Wenger's fear: Arsenal boss warns that a European League is on the way
Arsene Wenger fears the Champions League is under threat because European football’s heavyweights want to create a super league to earn more cash.

ARSENE WENGER claims the Champions League is no longer lucrative enough for some clubs and will be replaced by a new European Super League.

ARSENE WENGER has been given a stark boardroom warning his future could be on the line if Arsenal are blown out of Europe by Celtic.

The Times - Arsene Wenger warns of European league in less than ten years
Arsène Wenger predicted last night that a European Super League will become a reality within ten years, with top English clubs locking horns with their Italian and Spanish counterparts on a weekly basis while fielding different teams in the Premier League.

The Independent - Departures help refresh Arsenal's team spirit
Arsene Wenger has been asked all summer to justify how he could allow two key players to leave the club and expect Arsenal to prosper. Yesterday he hinted that it was because of one high-profile departure in particular that his side had recovered the team spirit that had enabled them to sweep Everton aside on Saturday.

The Daily Telegraph - Thomas Vermaelen tells how his holiday idyll was broken by Arsène Wenger's call
It was while holidaying in Mauritius that Thomas Vermaelen received the call. He was relaxing with his girlfriend when his mobile phone flashed up a number he did not recognise. It was Arsène Wenger.

The Guardian - Feels like team spirit as harmony returns to Arsenal dressing room
Not for the first time, it was as much about what Arsène Wenger did not say yesterday. Hard on the heels of Arsenal's turbo-charged start to the new Premier League season at Everton, which showcased his young squad's unity, among other things – consider those en masse goal celebrations – the question was put to Wenger as to whether the dressing room had found fresh spirit.

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