Shut it Ade!

By Avenell Dave

You know when a player has not left his club on good terms when he starts making derogatory statements about the place where he made his name.

Watching Match of the Day last night, Manu Adebayor looked to be a man reborn, running and jumping and putting himself about in a way has didn't do for Arsenal last season.

We always knew he had talent, but his brain isn't always as quick as his feet, and his money-grabbing antics last season put him on par with C*shley C*le in the hearts of us Gooners.

So, just as C*le doesn't miss an opportunity to stick his boot in at the club where he made his name, so today Ade wants to unsettle Cesc Fabregas.

He said: "I think it's possible they could lose Cesc if they don't get into the Champions League. Since he was 16 he has enjoyed Arsenal, so for him it will be a blow if they are not in the Champions League.

"If that happens there is a chance that Cesc and the other big players will leave. He's an intelligent person and at the right moment, he will make the right decision."

What kind, productive words from such a decent man.

I can't help but wonder if the immaturity of such comments is coupled with a realisation that in Arsene Wenger, he was guided by a coach who will develop him far more than anyone else he will encounter.

Or just he's already realised that the Man Citeh new-money boys have neither the class or the tradition that Arsenal has and that his conduct over the past 12 months fooled no-one.

Ade, what goes around comes around...

Look forward to seeing you in mid September...