Jegbie's Journal: Is Hangeland worth £15million?

When was the last time Arsene Wenger spent £15 million on a 28 year old defender? He never has.

Hangeland may widely be reported to be one of the best CB’s in the prem last season, but perhaps he was a one season wonder?!

I would rather we get a European CB for £10-12 million and get a DM too – we are light in DM’s as Song is not a proper DM (although he's closest we have) and Denilson is busy but still needs to raise his game a bit further.

Who really knows? It is Arsene’s job to decide whether to gamble and he normally gets it right.

We have Gallas and Vermaelen as first choice CB’s with Djourou, Silvestre and Song as back up. If our first choice pairing gets injured then I would go with Djourou and Song, but to be honest our back ups are not the same calibre as the likes of Alex, Ivanovic, etc and that makes me worry.

We had no probs scoring goals last season even though we missed Adebay-citeh-money-grabbing-whore and Ed for long periods. But it was in defence that we came up short time after time.

Whether that’s an issue with height or ability or concentration who knows ... but we have to believe that Arsene does. He must see enough in Vermaelen to not be that worried about the CB position.

Like I said, I am more concerned about the DM position as I am pretty sure 4-3-3 will only work when we are on top of our game or playing a technically similar side.

Against the big teams who play a percentage game – is any Gooner confident enough to trust the existing back four to deal with an aerial bombardment?