Adebayor chooses LIFE

By Avenell Dave

Choose Arsenal?

Choose a team full of exciting young players.

Choose a club with a tradition of success.

Choose a team who has played in the Champions League every season for the last decade.

Choose a manager who defended me when others doubted my commitment.

Choose a team with players like Andrey, Theo, Samir, Robin, Tomas and Carlos, who can create chances at will.

Choose the only manager I have never publicly fallen out with.

Choose a team who are renowned for the exciting way they play football.

Choose a team who will challenge for the title next season.

Choose a team for whom not winning a trophy is a complete disaster, not the norm.


No, I choose something else...


I chose to play at a club who don’t realise that I don’t understand offside.

I chose a side who don’t have Nasty Nic Bendtner in the dressing room.

I chose not to play European football next season.

I chose to join a squad of expensive faces, not a team.

I chose not to have to play in the limelight next season.

I chose to avoid top level pressure.

I chose £155,000 a week.

I chose Manche$ter City.


No, my friend Eboue, come and join me....