Jegbie's Journal - Taxi for Emmanuel

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By Jegbie


I bet there's a queue of Gooners from here to Togo waiting to drive Emmanuel Adebayor to Middle Eastlands if the reports are to be believed.


I for one cannot wait for him to sign for them.


He will not be missed regardless of whatever stats people throw about.


Oh but he scored this great goal against T*tt*nh*m blah blah blah...he scored a great goal against Villareal last season...blah blah blah.


Adebayor doesn’t really care about Arsenal and has always been after his own best interests.


If we’re getting in the region of £25m for him we have to take it. (no, we have to bite their hands off! – Ed)


Arsenal rewarded Ade after a good season by doubling his wages.


He then has an average season, flirts with AC Milan and generally doesn’t make enough effort. He uses his mouth like a ten dollar whore, pledging loyalty here or there.


He was anonymous in loads of games and as useful as a condom at a eunuch convention.


If Citeh want to reward a player by doubling his wages again after an average season then what does that tell you about the state of the market at the moment?


If your mate told you he’s been off work for two months and done an average job when he was at work and then his boss doubled his salary you would slap him on the back and beers would be on him.


It’s proper bonkers.


Arshavin is five times the player Ade will ever be so his transfer seems like a bargain!


If I was Ade I would take it – be mad not too.


Sell him Arséne and go get another striker (probably Chamakh) and a DM please.


Job’s a goodun’.