Is there no honour in football anymore, Ade & Paddy?

By Avenell Dave

So the transfer merry-go-round has taken off again after a quiet couple of weeks and we can look forward to more madness until the end of August as teams seek to assert themselves in the market.

The imminent departure of Manu Adebayor has been widely predicted and hoped for by most of us for much of the past 12 months and if we can get £25m for him, it will be a great bit of business.

A mercenary if ever there was one, we all know how rarely he put in the effort last season and while he can be quite brilliant, Ade never had the talent of a Thierry Henry or an Eduardo and without the effort, he is nothing but an ordinary player.

Everyone I have spoken to today cannot wait for him to leave and I agree – but wouldn’t it be a turn-up if he said ‘I don’t want to join Man City or AC Milan. I pledged my future to Arsenal and I want to prove last season was a blip.’?

Now I’m not for one second saying I want that to happen, but the fact that the Togo striker will be out the door quicker than Henry at full flight says it all. The man is full of bull and the sad part is, he thinks a few belly laughs and speaking like Jah Jah Binks has pulled the wool over the eyes of fans who have more intelligence in their left toe than he has in his entire body.

Good riddance Ade - we'll be throwing celebrations around North London when you sign up at Wastelands.

But there’s another story that has come out today which worries me – Patrick Vieira off to T*tt*nh*m.

Our former captain is a free agent this summer and has been linked with Birmingham City and PSG back in his homeland. The latter would make sense, keeping him in the eye of the French coach and a trip to South Africa next summer.

There are only two clubs that Patrick Vieira can never, ever join. M*nchest*r Unit*d and T*tt*nh*m.

Those were the clubs Paddy had his biggest run-ins with, the clubs we Gooners despise the most. The Ch*vs are new kids on the block and however much we detest them, they’re not in the same league in terms of traditional rivalry.

What worries me about this story is that the Mail has two sources, not one, confirming that the move is a possibility. That doesn’t mean the move is a certainty, but it makes it all the more likely.

Can you imagine Paddy lining up at Emirates against us next season in the white shirt of our nearest rivals? The thought sends shivers down my spine.

Football is a business and is becoming more and more crazy.

But Patrick Vieira in a T*tt*nh*m shirt?

I don’t think I could bear seeing that, even if he is a crocked shadow of his former self.