Time for some perspective: Arsenal were one result from football's biggest prize - it is not time to sack Wenger

Had Arsenal turned around the one goal deficit from Old Trafford last night, the various Gunner blogs, websites and the media as a whole would have been singing the praises of Arsene Wenger.

Instead, the knee-jerk reaction of a lot of so-called fans has been to call for the manager's head.

Well those fans had better be very careful what they wish for. Sack Wenger and appoint who? I expect a few idiots to actually answer that, but whether they can actually suggest a boss who is available or who would be guaranteed to improve on Arsene's record is very doubtful indeed.

Thankfully Arsenal Football Club is not a democracy and the people who own the club will not be handing Le Gaffer his P45 any time soon.

No, we don't have any significant silverware to show for yet another season. But a lot of us veteran Gooners can remember going without trophies for years. And the difference is that the potential of transforming the current squad from also-rans into winners is tantalisingly close...

I believe we are just two or three players short of being capable of putting together a sustained challenge in all competitions next season and I'm hoping that CEO Ivan Gazidis will make some public announcements in the next few days promising us paying customers that there will be new faces brought in during the summer.

I think everyone agrees that a centre back is a must and perhaps a midfield enforcer who can break up opposition attacks and distribute the ball to our more creative players.

But a new manager is not what Arsenal need. Arsene Wenger has not gone from being the best manager in our history to a mug in the space of one result.

And for those who disagree, consider two points: 1. You're wrong. 2. Herbert Chapman endured five years without a trophy win - would you also have had the club sack him?