Another season another empty trophy cabinet, but at least ambition at board room level is growing

Arsenal played 180 minutes of football against Manchester United and did not trouble Edwin van der Sar once.

Quite simply, my fellow Addicts, we were out-played and out-classed by the Mancs and as hard as it is for me to admit that, it is the blatant truth.

The bloke on the BBC just described the game as a walkover for Alex Ferguson's men.

Nuff said.

However, if you are looking for one silver lining in this dark cloud of an evening, I think I have one for you. And it's the American connection.

In Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke we might just finally have the ambition in the board room to match that of us fans on the terraces. They have the summer to live up to that hopeful optimism.

In the meantime, don't forget that we have the most successful manager in British football at Arsenal football club - Vic Akers: 31 trophies in 22 years.

With that note, I'll sign off. There's a six pack of beer with my name on it waiting to help me drown my sorrows.