Don’t get the blues, Arséne – the Gooners march on!

Arséne Wenger’s press conference today or tomorrow will be one of his most eagerly-awaiting in years.

I’ve sat next to Le Boss on many occasions and know that he rarely avoids questions unless they will compromise his players or the club.

Some hacks try to catch our erudite manager out with questions about finance or politics but he’s up to answering them all and leaving the fourth estate with nowhere to turn.

After such a tumultuous week, what he says over the next 48 hours will be fascinating, that's for sure. I hope he has been touched by the support we fans have given him.

We at Addict have been discussing the many ways we think fans should express their support for Arsenal’s greatest ever manager this Sunday, but in truth, REDaction has done it for us.

For those of you who don’t know, REDaction wants to get rod of the indifference that has coincided with the Premier League’s formation, what someone once described as the prawn sandwich brigade. And that means singing our hearts out and trying to bring back the atmosphere and camaraderie that football seems to have lost.

Quoting from the REDaction website; “If you want to join us in a march of solidarity for Arséne Wenger and show the world that not only are we grateful for what he's done for us but also that we have faith in him, please join us for a special march from The Rocket at 3:15pm before the Stoke kick off. If you don't drink at The Rocket, no problem! We'll be congregating around the roundabout in front of the Armoury (aka The Bear roundabout) at 3:30pm to sing songs in support of the our gaffer. Le Boss.”

So for all of you who will be at the game, make sure you at least get to the Armoury roundabout to let Le Boss know how much we love him. He isn’t perfect, but he has one tied behind his back, and hopefully those bindings will be cut this summer.

On a separate note, following the release of next year's away kit, can anyone remember a single memorable occasion when we won a huge game or a trophy wearing blue?

No, neither can I. I remember us getting tanked at Anfield by Robbie Fowler and many many moments of glory in yellow with blue trim.

In recent years we’ve had white, blue and cranberry and now blue as our away kits, when it would be so much nicer if we just had red for home, yellow for away.

On one hand, I guess if enough people buy the new kit and it provides more revenue for the club and therefore for Wenger, it’s a prince worth paying.

But couldn’t we just have variations on the yellow theme rather than these ghastly alternatives?