What the papers say: Arséne feels like a murderer as Arshavin speaks out

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The Sun - Cesc: We'll try to spoil Utd party
CESC FABREGAS promises Arsenal will do everything in their power to beat Manchester United today — and prevent them being clapped off as champions.  

The Daily Mirror - Arsene Wenger: I feel like a murderer
Arsene Wenger claims the increasing criticism he is getting from Arsenal fans make him feel like he "has killed someone".

The Daily Mail - Arshavin speaks his mind: Outspoken Arsenal star on 'scary' Wenger, the United 'machines' and 'boring' Chelsea
What we are dealing with here is a clash of cultures. Andrey Arshavin has just been given an opportunity to retract, or at least clarify, some pretty incendiary views on women drivers and has chosen instead to stand by every word and add a few more.

ARSENE WENGER has fired back at critics of his Young Guns and himself by dramatically claiming he feels as if he has killed someone.

The Times - Arsene Wenger hits back at the Arsenal critics
Arsène Wenger has asked his critics to develop a sense of perspective about Arsenal’s season, saying that judgments of the side have been so harsh that the club’s failure to win a trophy has left him feeling as guilty as a murderer. 

The Daily Telegraph - Arsene Wenger: Arsenal fans make me feel like a murderer
Arsene Wenger, Arsenal's most successful manager, says that he has been left feeling like a murderer following the critical response to the club's fourth consecutive season without silverware.

The Independent - Wenger: it feels like I've killed someone
Arsene Wenger has described the growing criticism of his management of Arsenal as "unbelievable" and admitted he is made to feel as if he has "killed someone".

The Guardian - Negative Arsenal fans make me feel like a murderer, says Arsène Wenger
Arsène Wenger has rounded on the Arsenal fans who feel he has failed this season by accusing them of treating him like a murderer.

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