Should Arsenal sell Adabayor to Chelsea?

Ask any Gooner who would be number one on their list of players to leave this summer and Manu Adebayor wouldn’t be far from the top of the list.

A wide-eyed, lumbering and determined player when he arrived, the Togo forward has turned into Billy Big Bollocks, living on his short-lived reputation for scoring goals rather than trying to maintain his levels of excellence.

He doesn’t even seem to want to deny that his sole motivation now is to make enough money to live well for the rest of his life.

Speaking to the BBC recently, Adebayor said: “You are talking about in life and it is about money. When we are young, of course we played because we loved the game, we play because we were passionate about the game. If it is not because of money, what am I going to be playing for Arsenal for? If it is not because of money I don’t think I would go to Arsenal to play. I would stay in my country, I would stay in Lome where everyone loves me.”

So there it is, a footballer not afraid to admit he is all about the cash, not the glory.

Arséne Wenger could not have sold Adebayor last summer. Losing Gilberto, Flamini, Hleb and Adebayor would have been a disaster from a PR point of view, but in hindsight, it would have been the right move.

No one sings the African’s name anymore, no one likes him.

If he’s not getting offside, he’s wandering around the pitch showing the lack of determination required to really make a difference at the highest level.

It says much for Wenger’s thinking that against Ch*vski, he brought on Nic Bendtner before he brought on Adebayor, so much has the latter fallen from favour.

That Wenger would admit he would be willing to do business with the Ch*vs underlines that, though he has some affection for Adebayor, the time for a parting of the ways has come.

I’m not bothered if he goes to the Ch*vs. One Addict said to me today that he fears Ade would become an immense player, more like the one we saw last season.

Others have hinted that maybe he has simply had an off-year and a good start to the next campaign will put this rotten year behind him.

I don’t think so, much as I would always want to give Arsenal players the benefit of the doubt. I think he believes, without the talent, that he is Thierry Henry's natural successor, and his manner also imitates Titi's brooding in his last days at the club.

I fear a new club is the best for us. If we could get £30m or even £25m, we could buy a great replacement (Huntelaar, whose unhappy at Madrid perhaps?) AND a centre-back such as Hangeland or similar.

Farewell Ade, on too many levels, you just weren’t man or player enough to be worthy of The Arsenal.

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