Attack or be damned, Gunners!

I don’t know whether this would still be the biggest game Arsenal have played in three years had they reached the FA Cup final next month.

Caution, crazy mistakes and an unfathomable team selection put paid to our chances of playing again at Wembley in an FA Cup final we had every chance of winning, especially against the now-depleted Everton.

You can take it two ways – after another season of frustration, Arsenal’s fate, the fate of this squad and, as they say in Europe, the ‘project’ could rest on what happens in the next week.

Lose and a couple more of our major players may be tempted to move on and Arséne Wenger will have to start all over again. Another season of major rebuilding would be hard to stomach.

Or you could see it another way – that finally, Wenger deserves the vindication we Addicts have continued to show him – that his plans are coming to fruition.

Yep, he needs a couple more players to make the squad fully competitive, a new centre-back and a new forward, especially if Manu Adebayor leaves, as seems increasingly likely.

It’s a shame Carlos Vela hasn’t been given more air time, because I think he needs it and has the talent to become a proper player for us - and Eduardo's absence remains a mystery.

But tonight, could bes, should have dones and maybes are irrelevant.

Whether we want to accept it or not, true greatness, being part of the footballing elite, only really truly comes with victory in the biggest club competition in the world.

Wenger likes to remind us that we were half an hour from winning it in 2006 – but he didn’t react when Henrik Larsson came on and pulled our tired players apart.

The greatest manager in our history, Wenger’s legacy will never be complete without Champions League victory.

When you think that Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest have won the trophy, albeit in days when it was perhaps less competitive, it makes its absence from our CV all the more galling.

We are the biggest team in southern England, the biggest team in London...take a look at history, Ch*vs...and one of the three biggest clubs in the mighty Premier League.

On paper, we don’t have much of a chance of beating M*nure over two legs.

There are a number of ways it could go tonight.

We could crumble under the pressure and let R*nald* and Co. tear us apart or maybe we could stifle them, get a few players booked including Cesc and maybe be a goal down for the second leg.

But I suspect a different outcome tonight. I believe the naivety of youth will benefit us.

No respect, United. The beauty of youth is that it knows no barriers.

Arséne, you had the handbrake on at Wembley. Don’t make the same mistake again.

Scouserpool showed what can happen when you attack United...hell, even T*tt*nh*m managed to get a couple of goals and they’re sh*t.

Attack or be damned.

Victoria Concordia Crescit.

Now is out time.