A tale of two strikers

Remember Eduardo?

The cheers that met his first goals upon returning from injury were vindication from Arsenal fans that our most talented finisher could once again be a force for Arsenal.

His goals in the FA Cup seemed to suggest that he was going to play a role in Arsenal’s end of season run-in.

He’s been on the fringes but Arséne Wenger hasn’t seemed interested in using him as much as I would have expected.

Has his penalty miss in Rome caused concern? Is he still injured? Is Wenger cautious about bringing him back and losing him to injury again (in which case, recent and regular absences from RvP and Manu Adebayor would suggest some inconsistency).

So it would be good to hear from AW what the situation is. Of course, I’d rather wait until next season when Eduardo is fully fit but at the same time, surely he has something to offer?

What strikes me though, is that we hear nothing but positivity from Eduardo - he is a model professional.

Especially when you see the abject performances Adebayor has put in recently. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt against Ch*vski because he was playing in a lone role at Wembley.

But he was pretty poor on Sunday and that’s been indicative of a few performances lately. Remember the young forward who joined us a few years ago and tried so hard to win the friends around?

He’s gone now, replaced by a guy with attitude.

And regardless of what he claims to be the situation last summer, Wenger’s recent comments are confirmation that Adebayor was looking for a move, at least passively.

I keep wanting to back him, give him the benefit of the doubt, think about second season syndrome (delayed) after his stunning season last year but I can’t do so when I see comments from him claiming loyalty to us and at the same time praising a potential suitor.

“I am happy playing for this club and to be honest I am happy Milan, one of the legendary clubs in the world, were looking at me,” said Adebayor. “For me that must be something special. It is like a boy being told Beyonce is looking for them.”

You aint no Jay-z, Ade, and I don’t think you’ve helped yourself much lately.

So do us all a favour, score some goals, especially in the Champions League, so at the very least you can go and get yourself a decent contract and we can get a decent fee for you!