The REAL reason Arsenal are starting to fire again

There has been plenty of talk about why Manu Adebayor has started scoring goals again.

After the problems he suffered at the start of the season, hardly looking interested and a pale shadow of the player he was when he joined the Gunners –when enthusiasm and a desperation to be accepted were his trademarks –many have called for his sale in the summer.

Now if AC Milan come in with £30m, I’d happily take their cash, buy Klaus Huntelaar for £18m an bag the change.

But, despite his early miss against Villareal last night, it’s fair to say that the big Togo striker is back on form.

One reason could be the return of Cesc Fabregas of course, whose passing has benefited Adebayor no end.

Another reason could be the rest he had during his injury, which has renewed his determination to help the club win things in the final few laps of the season.

It could be that he wants to make a good impression to potential suitors before moving on.

But no, fellow Addicts, there is one reason that stands out above the rest.

When Manu Adebayor cut off his beads and dreds, his form dropped considerably.

This image is all too familiar from the start of the season and shows how troubled our lanky striker had become. 

Fast forward to April and he is a different player, scoring goals with finesse and accuracy and living up to his reputation as one of the best strikers in Europe.



So a bit of advice, Ade – don’t cut your hair again until you join Barcelona, there’s a good lad!