Why is there such a media agenda against Arsenal?

I think I might start a new section on the Addict website dedicated to the ludicrous space-filling stories that the media run regarding our beloved club.

I'm like most supporters: when I see a headline about the Gunners I'm compelled to read it. Whether I believe it or not is another story, but yesterday's report in the News of the World by David Harrison just had me scratching my head as to how modern football journalism works.

The gist of Harrison's article (which you can read by clicking here) is that our captain Cesc Fabregas is being shunned by his team mates who believe he is "arrogant and out of control".

Of course the story links Fab 4 with a move back to Barcelona, but we've been hearing that tale for years now and every single time the rumours escalate, Cesc ends up putting out a statement reiterating his commitment to Arsenal and refuting any comments that suggest he is unhappy in North London.

Harrison uses that age old reporter trick of attributing a supposed Arsenal insider to back up his claim that nobody likes Cesc and his new arrogant attitude. The one glaring problem is that the insider obviously doesn't have the first clue about how our club works.

The giveaway quote is: "There were a lot of people at the club who were surprised when he was allowed to go back to Spain for several weeks to do his injury rehabilitation because it's normally a strict policy that rehab is overseen by Arsenal medical staff."


Wrong Wrong Wrong.

Anybody who knows anything about the Gunners knows that Arsene Wenger's policy for long-term injuries is to allow the player to undergo his rehabilitation wherever he feels most comfortable...

Cesc has spent a lot of time working with physios back in Barcelona. Tomas Rosicky has been back in his native Czech Republic for extended periods during the last year and Eduardo spent months working with doctors in Brazil in his bid to overcome his horrific leg injuries. Looking back a little further, Robert Pires spent several months on the French Riviera when he was making his recovery from surgery to repair ruptured cruciate ligaments.

The fact that the News of the World's Arsenal insider did not know this suggests to me that, if he or she exists, they are more likely to be catering staff than having any involvement on the playing side.

But the revelation that David Harrison - a so-called football expert - does not know how our club operates simply means that we should all ignore whatever this idiot writes about Arsenal Football Club, as he plainly has some sort of agenda against either the Gunners or Cesc Fabregas.

I'm not laying the blame just at Harrison's door, as I've seen various mischievous headlines involving Fabregas since the infamous spitting allegations after the Hull game. And to be honest, I'm of the opinion that Cesc won't remain at the club long-term, but I do think he'll still be our skipper next season so stories about his impending departure don't bother me too much - I've been reading them for the past three years, after all.

The bottom line, my fellow Addicts, is that there seems to be a growing tide of anti-Arsenal stories among the mainstream press and I cannot figure out why.

If the team can continue their winning form and can actually climb a place in the league at the expense of Chelsea, then I'd expect the sports hacks might turn their attention to the Chavs.

In the meantime let's remind Cesc how much we all love having him at the club when he hopefully returns to action this weekend.