Should Arsène Wenger sell Gael Clichy in the summer?

There have been reports over the last couple of days that Gael Clichy has caught the eye of AC Milan and figures of around £12-£20m have been mentioned.

I thought that this was tittle-tattle but then Clichy justified it with a quote, so who knows what element of truth there is to it.

But it got me thinking....Samuel Mowbray, the Addict resident Veteran, concurred with me after recently watching Kieran Gibbs together that he was looking so impressive, maybe Clichy would have to watch out next season.

It seems clear that Armand Traore has been deemed too adventurous to be a left back and Gibbs has shown remarkable progress since being given a chance in that role.

The beauty of Gibbs is that while he shows some of Clichy’s athleticism, he is also able to cross the ball after starting out as a winger – something both Clichy and Bacary Sagna could do some work on. That is a key element of Wenger’s sides – attacking full-backs that support the midfield (think Lauren, C*$hley C”le, Silvinho).

I’ve got mixed feelings about the possibility.

On the one hand, Clichy is an established player, has a lot of experience now and still has his best years ahead of him. To sell him would send out a further signal that we are just a selling club for young talent that we have groomed.

We’ve already got the prospect of that with Manu Adebayor and Cesc Fabregas (his return to Barcelona at some point in the next few years seems inevitable) without allowing another asset to leave.

But on the other hand, Clichy has some weaknesses: his crossing, as I have mentioned, leaves a lot to be desired and his concentration has cost us some major goals (Birmingham and Manchester City last season, T*tt*nh*m at home this season).

No player is perfect though and there is a lot to be admired about Clichy – his run and pass for Robin van Persie at Newcastle last week was inch perfect and should have led to a goal.

Anyway, no doubt Wenger will make the right call, but what do you think? Should Clichy stay or should he go?

** A note to commenters - I am NOT advocating Clichy's sale, simply asking the question.