Arsenal "fan" defines the 'jerk' in knee-jerk reaction

I’ve written before on this site that as paying customers we all have the right to criticise Arsenal when they are not performing well.

I did not join in the chorus of boos at the final whistle after yet another goal-less draw on Saturday, as it’s not something I particularly agree with. However, I’m not condemning those who did boo, as it’s becoming increasingly frustrating to watch the Gunners fail to score.

What I do take exception to is the mug described in today’s Daily Telegraph as ‘The middle-aged Arsenal supporter from the expensive seats’ who, the paper reports, ‘leant across the radio commentator and bellowed “sack the manager” into the open mike.’

What a tit.

Yes, we’re having an indifferent season; yes the team is performing way below the usual high standards that we expect; and yes, frustration was running high after the Fulham game. But sack Arsene Wenger? I think not.

The Telegraph’s description of said twat suggests that he may have been in a corporate seat, meaning that he may be one of the Johnny-come-lately’s who refuse to sing (probably because they don’t know the words) and who think we have the God-given right to win every game.

Hopefully the credit crunch will put a stop to him and his like coming to Emirates Stadium, as the lack of footballing knowledge is frankly appalling.

Before you go laying in to me, let’s just put a few things in context. It has been a poor season if you compare it to the rest of the Wenger years, but our first team squad has been decimated by injury this campaign, while our top goal scorer from last year has failed to turn up and - for the first time that I can remember - our captain has been stripped of the armband.

Despite that turmoil, we are not out of the reckoning for Champions League qualification (thank you Stoke), we are playing well in the current European Cup competition, we’re still in the FA Cup and over the course of the next month ALL of our match-winning injured players are due to return - that’s Theo Walcott, Eduardo, Emmanuel Adebayor, Cesc Fabregas and Tomas Rosicky, in that order.

Arsenal may be having a bit of a wobble, but a club in crisis? I don’t believe so.

A win tomorrow night at West Brom and a favourable result when Man City host Aston Villa on Wednesday and Arsenal’s prospects will look exceedingly brighter all of a sudden.

But if any of you think Arsenal should sack Arsene Wenger, leave your name here and we'll all see what you have to say for yourselves at the end of the season.