"I was there. I witnessed it," says Hull boss Brown. So was I Phil and your team were the disgrace, not Fabregas

Phil Brown claims that Arsenal's goal should not have counted because William Gallas was two yards offside. Arsene Wenger says that because the Hull keeper knocked the ball on, Willie was onside.

Brown says Arsene clashed in the tunnel at half time with his assistant Brian Horton. Wenger says nothing of the kind happened.

Brown says Cesc Fabregas spat at Horton at the final whistle. Our skipper categorically denies this and says he would welcome an FA investigation.

And here's the clincher: Brown says, "Our gameplan wasn't time-wasting."

So who is the liar Phil? You or Arsenal?...

The only disgrace I saw on the pitch at Emirates last night was the pathetic time wasting by Hull City - from the kick off - and yet another instance of a Premier League team forgetting that us paying customers actually attend games to be entertained.

While I'm making my point about fantasist Phil, he also had the temerity to accuse Le Gaffer of getting Hull  goalie Boaz Myhill booked. I'm afraid your match instructions to waste as much time as possible did that for you Phil.

Unsurprisingly, when Arsenal eventually took a deserved lead, the Hull players ended their time wasting tactics, but it was too little too late for the Tigers, despite them even delivering the ball back to the Gunner players each time we won a free kick.

The bottom line is that Cesc says he didn't spit at anyone and after such blatant lies from Brown, I know who I believe and I hope that any FA investigation will force the Hull boss to apologise should they find that Fab 4 has no case to answer.

In the meantime, Arsenal face Chelsea in the FA Cup semi final at Wembley in a month's time. Hull, on the other hand, can concentrate on their battle to avoid relegation. On the evidence of last night I now hope that they are unsuccessful as I cannot see what they offer in terms of entertainment.