Andrey already an Arsenal Giant

Forget what did or didn't happen between Cesc Fabregas and the Hull bckroom staff on Tuesday - what should really be remembered is how well our new Number 23 played.

It’s always hard to know how well a foreign player will adapt to a new country.

Will they cope with the weather, the pace or brutality of the Premier League, the English way of life or just the style and personality of his team-mates.

Arsenal has lost a lot of its fantasy players over recent years – Dennis Bergkamp, Bobby Pires, Thierry Henry and even Alex Hleb to name just a few – and the sexy football the Gunners are renowned for has been harder to create.

We’ve got some decent players now, although most of the creators have been injured of late, but when Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky and Samir Nasri start next season, all fit and firing, we could have some team on our hands.

It’s fair to say that although he has bulked up, Theo still needs some polishing which will come with games, and I doubt we’ll see enough of Rosicky to make a difference this year.

Nasri is getting better and growing as he becomes more accustomed to the English game and so will the likes of Carlos Vela and Aaron Ramsey – a midfielder with no lack of flair in my opinion.

But that brings us to the latest addition to the squad – Andrey Arshavin.

Arsène Wenger is not keen on buying players in January, so he says, despite Abou Diaby, Theo and Manu Adebayor all arriving in mid season.

But with dreams of the title gone a long time ago, January is actually the best time to buy a player, to allow them to provide some mid-season impetus to a flagging side and acclimatise in time for the new season.

And that is what we have seen in no short measure from Andrey Arshavin.

Although he has his quiet spells, his willingness to battle, his two-footed ability and his awareness of what is going on put him a class above most of his team-mates.

What I don’t understand is why so many players pick up the ball and have not anticipated what they are going to do once they receive it.

In Arshavin, we have a player who almost always knows exactly where he wants to run with the ball or who he wants to pass it to ten seconds before he even gets the ball.

It's almost a shame that he is isolated on the wing, where he is sometimes not utilised as much as he could be. But his ability to cut in, win headers, draw people to him before making simple and yet perfecty executed passes (not to mention the super-accurate long passes as well) is worth the ticket price alone.

You have to wonder why more players don’t have the same speed of thought or execution as Arshavin, who does the simple things well, let alone the mercurial talent that allows him to score goals such as our second against Blackburn Rovers.

Not since Bergkamp have we had a player with such vision and, given his previous indiscretions including that which led him to miss the first two games of Euro2008, a player with an edge who won’t be intimidated by thuggish cloggers.

Wenger and experience will no doubt ensure some of our young talent continues to grow and develop.

But I have a feeling that training with a player of the quality of Arshavin, who has much to prove himself, will have a significant impact on the improvement not only of the team but of some of our young Guns and create a legacy for the next exciting chapter in Arsenal’s future.