One step forward, one step back before Blackburn

Forget the dilemma of wanting T*tt*nh*m to take at least a point off Aston Villa on Saturday.

The news that Eduardo is out injured again tomorrow is a crushing blow to our hopes of winning against a miserly Sam Allardyce side.

Despite what some Addicts thought, I agreed with Arsène Wenger’s decision to bring the Crozilian on late in Rome, mindful that he had probably 30minutes in a intense atmosphere to play.

The news that he was injured early on explains why we saw so little of him during the game.

Eduardo could be the difference between success and failure for us this season. He is such a class forward and as we saw on Wednesday, Robin van Persie can drift out of games rather than make the impact we would hope for.

Are Carlos Vela and Nic Bendtner up to the challenge of scoring against a disciplined Premier League team that is fighting for its life at the wrong end of the table?

Can Andrey Arshavin get on the scoresheet and how will he cope with the ‘special’ treatment Allardyce’s henchmen are sure to dish out?

Will Abou Diaby cap his approach play with a goal or will he take until half-time to wake up?

The sad fact is that, while we’re not losing games, we’re not quite doing enough to win them convincingly in the Premier League and time is running out.

I can already foresee a turgid performance tomorrow and an afternoon of frustration.

I loved how we battled on Wednesday and getting through is all that matters until Cesc is back conducting the rest of the team in the way we know he can.

But what chance that Blackburn sit back and try and get a draw?

Remember, they’ve already done what we failed to do this season – and taken three points at Craven Cottage.

They’ve only had three defeats in their last 16 matches, two of them coming against Villa and M*nure, which underlines the fine job Allardyce has done there, much as I hate to say it.

He’ll no doubt come out today with his usual “Arsenal are southern softies and we’ll stop them playing their fancy football’ line and I’d like to ram it right back down his throat.