Should Gooners care about the Ch*vs and Villa?

A gang of us Addicts are meeting tomorrow to watch the lunchtime game before the Gunners play Sunderalnd and it got me thinking about the big games of the weekend.


First of all, we have to win and Sunderland, while not exactly world beaters, are no mugs.


I hope Andrey Arshavin has the same impact on the rest of the players as Eduardo did during the week. I’m gutted that the Crozilian won’t be playing for a fortnight now and wish Wenger had taken him off earlier...but hindsight is a wonderful thing.


We shouldn’t assume we’re going to win, even if Arsène Wenger’s comments that we MUST focus on ourselves is the sensible thing to do.


But what of Ch*vski and Villa?


I get the feeling Villa are waning a little, but only a little. They have enough players who are on form to keep digging out results and with John Carew back, it gives them more attacking options.


The Ch*vs have, as RedNose said (I can’t believe I’m agreeing with him) shot themselves in the foot by sacking Big Phil Scolari but in Guus Hiddink they have had a shot in the arm, and that may help them.


Even with key players underperforming or injured, the Ch*vs have a decent squad capable of sustaining top four status if nothing else. The whole world of right-thinking football fans would love them to drop out and hopefully then Roman Abramovich would lose interest and cut his losses.


So I can’t make my mind up what I want to happen in the game at Villa Park so let’s see what you think.


Is a draw the best result because we gain on both teams?


Do we hope the Ch*vs win so Villa’s inexperienced side suffer a confidence denting?


Or do we hope Villa win so the Ch*vs realise a new manager isn’t going to mean an upturn in fortunes?


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