Arsène, you have less than seven hours to save our season!

If Arsène Wenger was in any doubt that we need one or two new faces before the end of the transfer window today, Saturday would have given him all the answers.

I’m praying that Andrei Arshavin or someone with wit and guile is signed by the end of the day – we have a month or two before the rest of our creative talents are back and all the possession in the world is not going to be enough to earn us a Champions League place if we maintain the level of performances we’ve shown lately.

The predictable battering of West Ham is something we’ve seen so often at the Emirates, ending in frustration once again.

While I don’t personally think either player is good enough, the loss of Manu Eboue and Abou Diaby leaves us with even fewer players of experience and ability to call upon at a crucial time of the season.

There have been reports that Carlos Vela may be loaned out – and although he didn’t cover himself in glory on Saturday, he has the capacity to grow if given a run in the side.

It was refreshing that Wenger chose to bring the Mexican rather than Alex Song on when Eboue went off injured – underlining how important he felt it to have creative players on the field.

Wenger said on Friday that in Diaby, Song and Denilson he has enough bodies in central midfield, but with Diaby set for yet another spell on the sidelines, is Aaron Ramsey enough of a back-up when the stakes are so high?

Listening to David Dein on Sportsweek yesterday, I couldn’t help wondering how our former Chief Executive is sadly missed at Arsenal.

Here is a dynamic man who understands football, has turned down some lucrative jobs at other clubs because he bleeds Arsenal. With his understanding of football and his relationship with Wenger, I can’t help thinking he would have encouraged Le Boss to sign more players than we have done in the last year or so.

Whether he ever gets to a position of power at Arsenal remains to be seen.

In his place, Ivan Gazidis faces his first challenge as Chief Executive – failure to sign Arshavin will be an ignominious start to his Arsenal career.

Hands up who’s going to be flicking between news sites and the Arsenal website today, bleary-eyed, in the hope of some positive news by 5pm?

Let’s just hope Wenger realises what everyone else can see – we need some talent to guide the young Guns along.

And we need it now.