Jegbie's Journal - Wenger perfect for crunch times

By Jegbie

The credit crunch has seriously affected us.

The money we should have raised from sale of all flats at Highbury Sq should have allowed us to spend more freely on transfers.

There are still plenty unsold and a huge loan to pay back hence hardly any transfer activity.

Wenger has done the best with what he has but basically there is no money.

It pains me to see us so far off the pace but I believe injuries have been especially harsh this season and that has decimated us more than anything else.

Don’t underestimate how massive a loss Cesc Fabregas is .... imagine Liverpool with no Steven Gerrard or Chelsea with no Frank Lampard.

To have the kind of decisive players we have relied on so heavily (Fabregas, Walcott, Eduardo, Rosicky) missing for large portions of the season, and Adebayor and Clichy putting in more woeful performances by the week, has affected us badly as it would any club.

We are not Man Utd, we can never do what they do in the transfer market. They had a great team and they improved on it. They have lots more money to spend than us.

If you were running a business, which unfortunately football now is, you would want someone like Wenger running it.

If anything can galvanize the board and Wenger to sort transfer policy out then it will be failure to get Champions League place.

At the moment Wenger truly believes we will get it and the board totally support him too. So feck all will happen until then whether us fans like it or not.

He is untouchable at Arsenal.

Accept it – bear with him and let’s pray we make fourth so Wenger gets another crack at the whip.


Who else would you want managing Arsenal?