Armoury Square targeted for Arsenalisation treatment

The club's "Arsenalisation" of Emirates Stadium is set to continue apace next year when the area outside The Armoury shop is transformed into a shrine for us fans - and the club are giving every Gooner the opportunity to immortalise themselves in the architecture of the site.

From as little as £50, Arsenal are offering fans the chance to buy a paving stone on Armoury Square, carrying your name or message for The Gunners.

Prices go all the way up to £595 for a red Armoury paving stone, which will feature the club's crest alongside your words and all money raised by the exercise will be ploughed back into the Arsenalisation of the stadium.

On the subject of the ground improvements, I have to admit I've been surprised with the speed that the club is moving at, both inside and outside the stadium, in its attempts to properly pay respect to the history of Arsenal FC and I think they should be praised for some of the imaginitive elements they have introduced this season.

In particular, the massive Arsenal legends who now embrace the stadium look fantastic and with CEO Ivan Gazidis promising that the boring quadrants will be renamed, I'm looking forward to what he comes up with to give our magnificent stadium a little more soul.

There's also talk of the timepiece from The Clock End moving from its current spot on the back of one of the giant screens to inside the stadium, which will also be a welcome move, although I'm intrigued to see exactly where the club will place the clock.

Anyhoo, I digress.

As part of Arsenal Addict's affiliation with the club, we're delighted to point all Gooners around the world to the Armoury Square website - there's no charge for looking and it would be good to hear your thoughts on what the club is doing to give some soul to the new Home Of Football. 

Simply click here to visit the Armoury Square site, or click on the club's link to the website on the left, where you'll see Eduardo modelling one of the personalised granite stones.