Time to get in the real world, Gooners!

By Avenell Dave

Last night a couple of my Addict friends were left despondent by Arsene Wenger's claims that certain players, such as Chamakh and Dzeko and Balotelli will not be joining the club in January.


We're going to be working on a shoestring for a few years while the stadium and other debst incurred during the move from Highbury are repaid.

You may not like it, especially if you're a season ticket holder like me, paying through the nose for a team which patently lacks the strength, brawn and experience to compete at the very highest level.

Put it this way, if you see us linked with a player costing more than £12m who is not a full blown international and who may be over 28, forget it. The media are making it up.

If we sign anyone, it'll be a fair to middling prospect from France who Wenger wants to turn into Anelka/Henry Part 3.

Was it a lack of foresight that left us without a lead-the-line striker or just a lack of funds?

Each defeat hurts as much as the last, Arsene, despite our obvious rivalry with the Ch*vs and there are huge gaps in quality and ability in the squad that we all see.

I hope Le Boss knows what he is doing because right now he looks like a haunted man, unable to cope with the demands or expectations put upon him and unable to see or replace the weaknesses in the team.

Onto today's game and it really comes to something when we wonder whether we can beat a route one-playing one trick pony side like Stoke City.

Kick seven shades out of us and give the ball to Rory Delap at a throw and hope their organisation can repel us is the likely strategy.

The sad fact is that as long as a side is organised - and Stoke could probably teach us a thing or two in that respect - they can suffocate and frustrate us.

We've seen it for years, ever since we moved to Emirates in fact.

The good news from our point of view is that it's a sunny day and as long as the weather stays fine, that will work in our favour. It's grim up north after all and if you've ever been to the Britannia stadium, with it's hillside elevation and open ends, you'll know how much Stoke is set up to maximise the benefits of their blustery home.

No doubt we'll pass it around all afternoon with ease, but I want to see some early goals and then an emphatic win to remind everyone we're not quite spent just yet.

Everyone is against us, even some of our own fans, so it's time to step up boys and shut up the doubters from within the club and beyond.