Arsenal Team of the Decade - Honourable Mentions

The Noughties - the great and the good

It's been a hell of a decade for the Gunners, with highs and lows that make the game so entertaining. Saying farewell to Highbury, moving into a new stadium, the Invincibles season, reaching our first Champions League final and the emergence of a new era of players and goodbye to some old friends.

Here at Arsenal Addict, we're commemorating the end of the first decade of the new century by giving our own take on the best and worst we've experienced over the past ten years.

Today, we select our Substitutes of the Decade

Avenell Dave

Goalkeeper - Can only be David Seaman, can't it? How I'd love to sign him aged 26 now.

Defence - Cries of 'Reap him!' are well and truly a thing of the past now that Martin Keown has left us and we could do with someone like him to knock some guts into some of the younger players.

Midfield - Gilberto Silva was a tremendous player for Arsenal and we only came to realise it when he got injured and missed most of a season with a back injury. He should have stayed a year longer to guide the youngsters. A true gentleman.

Wide Midfield - Perhaps not the most gifted of players, but someone who always gave his all and showed with some of his goals that he had a fair amount of talent as well, Ray Parlour was both versatile and determined. Loves the club but probably too much of a ald to really win Arsene Wenger's absolute approval.

Forward - He may get injured half his career and sometimes drift out of games, but Robin van Persie we're all feeling the pain of RvP's absence right now. Emerged as the leading striker at the club, if only he could stay fit for an entire season, we really could win the big prizes.

Graham McNorthbank

Goalkeeper - Jens Lehmann. Mad as a box of frogs. Goalies need to be a bit bonkers in my opinion - they should be like the drummer in a 70s rock band, the life and soul of the party and able to command their area. The odd incident of stupidity should be part and parcel of their game. Nuff said.

 Defender - This is a tough one, but for me Emmanuel Eboue is a contender not only because of the way he has picked himself up and dusted himself off after being infamously booed off the pitch by a section of the Arsenal support last year, but the fact he's now become an established midfielder rather than the left back he was used to being makes him arguably the most versatile player in the current squad.

Midfielder - Like Avenell Dave, I'd plump for Ray Parlour here, although if I could pick Mathieu Flamini in his final season for any club (in other words the season when he actually decides to start putting in some effort to get a new deal/find another club) as he's proven a couple of times now - with Arsenal and Marseilles - just how effective he can be when he needs to get a pay rise.

Striker - If you're after a player who is capable of coming on to the park and making an impact then for me it would have to be Nwankwo Kanu who was prone to occasional moments of brilliance during his Arsenal years. Remember that hat-trick away to Chelsea in October 1999? What more can I say?! 

What do you think? Who should be on our subs bench for team of the decade?

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