Arsenal Team of the Decade - Forwards

The Noughties - the great and the good

It's been a hell of a decade for the Gunners, with highs and lows that make the game so entertaining. Saying farewell to Highbury, moving into a new stadium, the Invincibles season, reaching our first Champions League final and the emergence of a new era of players and goodbye to some old friends.

Here at Arsenal Addict, we're commemorating the end of the first decade of the new century by giving our own take on the best and worst we've experienced over the past ten years.

Today, we select our Forwards of the Decade

Avenell Dave

Forward -No Arsenal team of any era would be complete without Thierry Henry. Just as Ian Wright had done before him, he may have had to carry the team on his own at times, but with pace and strength and a magic touch, he scored goals of such magnificence that opposition fans could never help but to applaud. A match-winner in every sense of the word, he may have become a tad arrogant by the time he left, but he'd earnt the right to be.

Forward -You don't have to be lightning fast to be a world class player, as Dennis Bergkamp proved on many an occasion. A scorer of fantstic goals, it was his passing and vision that we've missed since, more than anything. He provided assists for almost 200 Arsenal goals, as well as scoring more than 120. A true professional, I hope Arsene Wenger can persuade him to join the coaching staff.

Graham McNorthbank

Forward - I can't find fault with Avenell Dave's choices here - it can only be Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry, without question the two most exciting talents I've ever had the pleasure to witness on a football field. However, if we were to play a front three, I'd also have to pick Eduardo. A controversial choice maybe, but I would have loved to see Dudu playing alongside Henry and the Maestro.

What do you think? Who should be in our strike force of the decade?

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