Arsenal Team of the Decade - Defenders

The Noughties - the great and the good

It's been a hell of a decade for the Gunners, with highs and lows that make the game so entertaining. Saying farewell to Highbury, moving into a new stadium, the Invincibles season, reaching our first Champions League final and the emergence of a new era of players and goodbye to some old friends.

Here at Arsenal Addict, we're commemorating the end of the first decade of the new century by giving our own take on the best and worst we've experienced over the past ten years.

Today, we select our Defence of the Decade

Avenell Dave

It's been a tough one, this. The famous back four was coming to an end and Arsene Wenger brought in new players with the unenviable task of replacing one of the best defences in history.

Right Back -I'm going to go for Lauren here and not just because he played in the Invincibles. Apart from being converted into a fine defender, Lauren was such a reliable and purposeful player for us. Capable of joining the attack and getting in great crosses, he was also calm when it came to penalties and slotted in one memorable spot-kick against T*tt*nh*m that lives long in the memory.

Left Back -I hate to say this, but C*$hley C*le gets my vote. To think Arsene Wenger was considering selling him to Crystal Palace before the irregularities with Sylvinho's passport came to the club's attention. Great in defence and great going forward, I just hope Kieran Gibbs watched his predecessor because I fear Gael Clichy won't ever be quite as good.

Centre Back - With Tony Adams retiring and Martin Keown best remembered for his grimace at Horseface, Sol Campbell was one of Arsene Wenger's best signings and a real coup over our rivals, oh, and T*tt*nham. Towering, commanding and a player who fitted in immediately, Campbell is one of many players who probably left us a year or two before he should have done, even considering his West Ham collapse.

Centre Back - I'm going to go for Thomas Vermaelen here. He's not played at the club for very long and he has his weaknesses. he gets caught out in the air sometimes, he marauds forward and leaves gaps and yet he has a battling spirit and determination which I am sure is going to make him a Gunners legend. He needs a bruiser alongside him in my opinion, but a real gem and a big improvement on Kolo Toure.

Graham McNorthbank

Right Back - I have to go with current first choice Bacary Sagna for this one and my reasoning is simple. Sagna is a better right back than Emmanuel Eboue, who in turn was better than Lauren. Only issue I'm having with my choice is that when it comes to the player in the whole of the league who has the worst crossing, Sagna wins that particular wooden spoon.

Left Back - While Avenell Dave bravely picks Cashley, I simply cannot bring myself to going down that route. So for me it has to be Gael Clichy. That's Gael Clichy when he's at his best and not the way he's played during most of 2009, mind you. Our French left back is probably the player with the most stamina in the Arsenal squad and if Wenger could only employ a coach who could teach our players to cross a ball, then both Clichy and Sagna would add another important aspect to their game.

Centre Back - Tony Adams. He hung up his boots in 2002, so who else is there to choose? The guy was a legend AS A PLAYER, but can all those Gooners who say that one day Big Tone should return to manage the club please shut up. The guy just isn't very bright and has shown just what a disaster he is as a coach elsewhere.

Centre Back - I'm going to agree with Avenell Dave here and go for Sol Campbell because I'm a bit old fashioned and like to have tall centre backs. William Gallas has been a good player for Arsenal and Thomas Vermaelen has had a great start to his Gunners career, but when it comes to players of the decade they're just too vertically challenged for my linking.

What do you think? Who should be in our defence of the decade?

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