Thanks for letting us know Arséne

By Avenell Dave

Yesterday could be considered to be a bad news day for Arsenal.

Arséne Wenger pretty much confirmed that he has written off Robin van Persie for the rest of the season.

Even if he gets fits by April, which Wenger isn’t hopeful about, will he be trusted to play in what could be vital games for us?

The chances are he will be brought back softly softly, just for the Dutch to rush him into the World Cup and cause a relapse that we will have to deal with ahead of the new season.

For all his talent, RvP is not trustable as a full season forward.

But the fact that Wenger admitted on a webchat yesterday that he would consider a cup-tied striker says a lot for the change of thinking he has had over the last couple of weeks and that is very good news indeed.

He was resolute, remember, that he wouldn’t be forced into the market unless the right player came up and ideally was both affordable and available to play in Europe.

It’s no secret that while we all still crave another Premier League title, winning the Champions League is a nagging obsession for Wenger and while there are players out there who might be suitable, getting someone of ‘super class’ isn’t going to be easy.

It was refreshing to see Le Boss basically admit how important an impact Andrey Arshavin made last season when his goals and assists saw us into the top four and the Champions League.

Of course we’d all like to see him sign a young, fast, clinical striker who can hold the ball up, win headers and basically score us a hatful of goals in all competitions for years to come.

Sadly, suitable players aren’t exactly growing on trees.

There are short term options – free transfer Luca Toni, despite having played for Bayern in the CL, could do us a job domestically but I doubt he will want to come to England with a World Cup so near and the chance to prove himself in the familiar surroundings of Serie A.

Carlton Cole has been mentioned, but I don’t remember him pulling up trees at Aston Villa, Charlton or Wolves, let alone Ch*vski.

The glaring option is Edin Dzeko, if he can be persuaded that North London would be better for him than Milan.

I suspect Wenger already has a short list and will be spending the festive period watching video after video of the candidates to see which best fits the bill.

Can we really afford to go through January without a goalscorer?

Can we rely on a returning Nick Bendtner, intermittent Theo Walcott, mojo-less Eduardo and unproven Carlos Vela?

No, I don’t think so.

And I think Arséne wenger knows that as well.