The beautiful game isn't enough, Arsene

By Avenell Dave

Watching Saturday night's game from the comfort of my front room, I was bombarded by texts from fellow Addicts in the opening 20 minutes.

"I'm worried..we need to step up," said one.

"This could prove to be a massive banana skin," said another.

The result was never in any doubt, from my point of view and I sought to reassure my Gooner friends.

Wolves could huff and puff and make a nuisance of themselves but while Man City bought some World Class players (w*nk*rs) and overwhelm us as they did earlier in the season, Wolves are simply not in that class.

I knew they would tire and that our absolute supremacy would make a difference in the end.

It's telling that the game changed for the better when Abou Diaby went off.

I know a lot of you think he brings something to the table but he really isn't up to Arsenal standards - and his departure gave Aaron Ramsey the chance to play in a natural rather than holding midfield position that allowed him to shine.

And shine he did, prompting rave reviews in the media for his intelligent play and massive potential. The boy needs games, that's all, and he will become an integral part of the team.

But while the game was in the end nothing short of a walk in the park, the same malaise which has affected us again and again this season reared its ugly head.

Yes, that's right, the late goal.

It mattered against AZ Alkmaar. It mattered against West Ham. It didn't matter against Alkmaar in the return game nor on Saturday, but it may well do as the season goes on.

Holland in the 1970s, Brazil in the 1980s...great great teams who entertained everyone and went down in folklore for their tremendous talent. But they won nothing.

However much we delight at seeing our incredible side putting three, four, five or six goals past the opposition, not everyone will defend like Wolves and we have to start getting meaner at the back.

We've conceded 14 goals so far - which works out at more than one a game, while the Ch*vs has let in eight and M*nure 12.

I read somewhere recently that for all his brilliance going forward, the player who is individually most culpable for goals we concede is...wait for it...Thomas Vermaelen.

It was his failure to challenge Jody Craddock that led to the Wolves goal and I can think of others.

But this is not about singling out any player, particularly Vermaelen who has been impressive in many respects since his arrival.

It is about the team learning to be resilient until the final whistle.

We won't win every game 4-1 or more and when we're only a couple of goals up, as we were at West Ham, and a silly error lets the opposition back in, it can cost us points.

I know a lot of Gooners who would rather see us win 3-0 than 4-1 and I can understand why.

There are no prizes for being the most entertaining team in the country - and this team deserved more than just admiration.