Stan Kroenke - an open letter

By Avenell Dave

Dear Mr Kroenke,

It is with great interest that us Gooners discover today that you have again upped your stake in Arsenal F.C and are now within touching distance of launching a formal takeover.

Arsenal's position as the last English-owned big four club (or big six if you include Man City and Villa) looks as if it is about to end and I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

It is ironic that the man who introduced you to Arsenal in the first place, and to many, the man who helped transform the club into the powerhouse it is today, is no longer involved.

While David Dein's allegiance switched to Alisher Usmanov, you have continued to buy up shares to the point where you even bought shares from chairman Peter Hill-Wood today.

The Arsenal Supporters Trust said this week that it believes in plurality of ownership and that has always stood us in good stead.

But with your possibly takeover looming, I am sure there are many of us who want to know what your intentions really are.

Are you buying a blocking stake to prevent others from taking over the club?

Do you wish to ensure you get the best possible price for shares if Mr Usmanov or someone else surpasses the threshold and has to make an offer at a high price?

What IS your interest in Arsenal?

True, we have been transformed into one of the most successful clubs in the world in recent years and our turnover is the envy of all but a handful of clubs in Europe.

But you have no obvious links with North London and the other American owners of Big Four have hardly looked after the long term interests of their clubs.

The Glazers have saddled Manchester United with debt - and no Gooner wants that. But the club remain successful and are winning Champions League and Premier League trophies.

Liverpool are saddled with debt, their stadium situation is unclear and they don't even get on, apparently.

Certainly Arsenal offers a huge opportunity to someone in the medium to long term.

The stadium debt is manageable and when Highbury Square is completely sold, the club may be in a position to clear much of its borrowing.

The £3m turnover each matchday is the envy of most and the club looks set fair to maintain its challenge for top honours.

It would only take a relatively modest sum, perhaps £40m, to buy the missing pieces to ensure the squad can cope with injuries and suspensions and make the step from contenders to champions again.

The consensus is that the majority of Arsenal fans are behind you and are happy for your takeover to succeed.

There will be nigh-on a quarter of a million fans wondering just why you want to buy Arsenal.

Is it to add a European element to your portfolio?

Is it because you think there is a huge amount of money to be made?

The fact is, no one seems to know, and your moniker 'Silent Stan' raises some alarm bells for those of us who care so deeply for our club that we want to be understand who is going to be running the Arsenal in future.

I appreciate discretion is necessary until your takeover or share offer is complete, but there must be some way the club can reassure us that your intentions will always have the good of Arsenal both on and off the field - and not just to focus on profit.


The Addict team