Questions raised from Ch*vski defeat?

By Avenell Dave

I stayed until the end last night. I applauded the team off even though some of them didn't do enough to deserve it.

I thought about the mouthy Ch*vs who infiltrated this site last week and pranced around proclaiming their superiority - and, though I hate to say it, rightly so.

There are a few things that I have been running around my head, searching for some sense to ease the pain of such a humbling defeat.

* Why did Arsene Wenger choose to take Alex Song off when his midfield partner Denilson made so many misplaced passes?

* How can Wenger blame the referee for one dubious decision when the Ch*vs had a strong penalty shout as well and we were, quite simply, outclassed?

* Why has Andrey Arshavin gone off the boil so significantly - and this can't be blamed on World Cup defeat because the malaise has been going on for weeks?

* Why has Wenger not bought more physically robust players to cope with the rigours of the Premier League? Technical excellence is one thing, but having one six foot player to call upon from midfield to forward yesterday is not enough against a side as accomplished as that we faced.

* When is Le Boss going to realise that to win titles, we need an assertive goalkeeper of top quality and Manuel Almunia has never and will never be good enough.

* And a towering centreback who doesnt let anyone get past him and wins everything in the air?

* How are we going to claw back an 11 point deficit this season and get back on track when there is no Plan B and teams learn how to frustrate us?

* When will the Board realise that Wenger needs money to strengthen before more fans start cashing in their season tickets? I will never give up mine but the price and the lack of top quality competitiveness makes it harder to justify and I can see a fair few giving their up next summer.

* When are the idiots who throw things onto the pitch going to understand that they're letting the rest of us down? It happened at City and again yesterday. I hate the players who punished us but we're better than that aren't we, to throw things at them and risk further punishment?

* What has happened to Eduardo? We can't balme it on his injury because he looked good during his cameos last season and early this campaign. Something isn't right with him.

I admire Wenger's faith and belief, I really do, but the problems are there for all to see.

Dealing with them rather than blaming other factors will get the fans back onside and give us a chance to salvage something from this devastatingly familiar season.