Jegbie’s journal – the fans don’t care about excuses, Arséne

By Jegbie

Quality wins football matches.

We’ve been hammered at home two seasons in a row by Ch*vski, so where's the progression?

Anytime Arsenal have played anyone decent this season, we’ve lost.

The defence has let in one less goal than at the same time last season – Thomas Vermaelen may be better than Kolo Toure was in his last two seasons with us, but he still lacks the dominance we needed in the summer to conquer our vulnerabilities.

The Ch*vs were a team of men, of giants and we simply couldn’t handle them.

The sad thing is, all they had to be was ruthless, methodical and disciplined, qualities we have lacked since the days of Adams and Vieira, to beat us.

Petr Cech didn’t have a meaningful save to make and firing balls into the box with a forward line of midgets was always going to be food and drink for Terry and Co.

There was way too much farting about around the box by us, their players were better than us all over the pitch and we seems frail, to say the least.

Two crosses by C*shley C*le and two goals. At that point we were dead.

You could see from how many Gooners left early that they thought the same as I did.

They all f*cked off and you can't blame them –don't fleece fans for the most expensive seats in the Premier League when we don’t have the team to justify it. Not even close.

I am deeply upset but I can't expect us to challenge for the title - we are not in the same league as Ch*vski financially and football is all about money – whoever has the most is the best. You get what you pay for.

Do we ultimately care if the club is in debt and trying to manage their finances responsibly while everyone else seems to find a sugar daddy to provide the investment we need to seriously compete?

Someone said to me that true fans stay and cheer the team off at the end.

I just don't want to celebrate medicority.

We've been made to look like mugs again and I ain’t happy.

Arséne Wenger’s experiment is not working at the moment – there’s too much faith in youth and the players will only believe in the project if it’s reasonable to believe in it and at the moment, that’s not the case.

There’s a anger we’ll go into freefall if Wenger continues with 433 when we don’t have the players to cope with that system.

While everyone else around us has been improving, we’ve gone backwards and it breaks my heart.

I fear any reluctance Cesc Fabregas had about leaving us next summer was well and truly blown away last night. It's back to the bad old days.