Play Fantasy Arsene Wenger - Of course Gallas will play

By Avenell Dave

Funny, isn't it, that when the comments come through from my article yesterday, half of them are from Ch*vs?

I guess we shouldn't expect anything more from them - it's not as if they have their own pedigree or plethora of blogs and websites.

Yes, we're underdogs for this match, and so we should be, given the players we have missing, the form of the Ch*vs and our recent setback at Sunderland.

If you were putting your house on who will win, would many of you opt for Arsenal?

But if you look at the results over the past seven seasons, the Gunners have won seven times, the Ch*vs hav won eight times with seven draws. Hardly a comprehensive mauling one way or the other.

The fact is, with the exception of last season's defeat at home, our worst home league defeat for 30-odd years no less and down in no small part to the players being hungover from the Champions League defeat, games between the sides happen to be very tight.

What Arsene Wenger has to decide, of course, is who on earth he is going to play and how he is going to upset a side who everyone seems to have made Champions already.

The defence is always an area of concern, of course, and there are a couple of question marks.

I suspect William Gallas will play and I suspect Wenger's comments are simply to throw caution to a situation which I'm sure will resolve itself.

The fact is, he doesn't have many other options. Could we trust Mikael Silvestre there? He's really the only option given that Alex Song is so important in midfield.

While losing Kieran Gibbs is a blow, I'm not too worried about Armand Traore playing at left back on Sunday. Gibbs may be a great prospect but he still has the mindset of a winger and bombs forward far too often, forcing others to cover for him.

In midfield, do we go cautious and put in Denilson to track the Ch*v runners? I'm not so sure.

Let's put Samir Nasri in midfield, who Wenger has said could play a number six role and can both tackle and create.

I'm torn about the forwards. Theo Walcott could use his pace and we're lacking that in the forward line, but he's still too rusty to start the game in my opinion.

So I'd go for Eduardo, a proven poacher even if his form has been patchy, with Tomas Rosikcy and of course, Andrey Arshavin who is due a game-winning performance.

Let's make a lot of noise and get behind the team on Sunday.

After the comments I read on here yesterday, it confirmed what we Gooners all know.

Class if permanent. Form is temporary.

Addict XI


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore

        Nasri Song Fabregas

     Arshavin Eduardo Rosicky

Who would you play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.