That's why we love you, Arsene!

By Avenell Dave

Ever watched an England game and not seen flags and banners with "Mansfield Supporters Club" or "St Ives Barmy Army" or suchlike on them?

No, I thought not.

I hold my hands up. I don't really support England.

The World Cup is a minor distraction for a few weeks, a festival of football but not the real deal.

It's a time for people to get out whistles and honk horns and see scantily clad babes suddenly getting an interest in football before they go back to make-up and handbags for the next three years and eleven months.

The only impact the World Cup has on me really is the injuries it usually inflicts on Arsenal players - or fatigue.

Can I switch off from hating Shrek R**ney when he wears an England shirt? No chance.

Bah Humbug to international football. Who cares?

Certainly not Arsene Wenger and I loved the way he reacted to journalists yesterday when asked about Theo Walcott's chances of playing in the World Cup.

Le Boss went mad (and you can read it here if you didn't see it already) and too bloody right I say.

Theo hasn't even played 90 minutes for us yet this season - and we're almost halfway through. He has a long long way to go to prove he deserves a starting place in the Arsenal team, let alone the England side. One Croatia hat-trick a world class player does not make.

I don't for one minute think that Theo has been holding back, but the nature of the usually reserved Wenger's reaction suggested to me that he wanted to send a message out to some of his players.

After the lacklustre application they showed on Saturday, it's vital that some of them pick themselves up and realise that they need to prove themselves each and every game.

Even Andrey Arshavin, who had such an incredible impact when he arrived last January, has had a quiet season by his high standards.

And there's no World Cup glory for you, Andrey, so if you want to amke something of this season or even prove yourself worthy of a move to Barca if that's what you really want, you better start showing what you can do a bit more often.

You're one of the best players in the country but you're not showing it.

Thank you Arsene, for saying what all right-minded Gooners think.

F*&k the World Cup.

Gooners forever.