Arsene Wenger - an Apology

By Avenell Dave

Arsene Wenger - an apology

"Last Sunday we wrongly stated that Arsene Wenger had threatened to quit Arsenal and move to another club.

We now know this to be incorrect.

We also accept Mr Wenger is happy with Mr Alisher Usmanov as a major shareholder and does not believe he is seeking to interfere in the club. We apologise for any upset this story has caused."

What irony.

The News of the World still carries the story on its website (see link above) despite having to issue a retraction - and the article in yesterday's paper in no way compared to the splash the story had last week when covered in great depth.

The lesson? Don't believe all you read in the papers - tabloids and broadsheets. As if you Addicts needed telling that.

I've had the pleasure of attending a number of press conferences with Le Boss and what he says and what is written is often not the same thing.

Trust only those press conferences which you can watch online (the printed press usually request something separate from the broadcasters so they can ask different questions).

The media need to make headlines and it doesn't usually take a huge amount of imagination to make something up or go with a story without a huge amount of validation. (whether you can publish a source or not).

We're going to be linked with Chamakh and a whole load of other strikers now that RvP is injured.

Wenger will talk about Theo Walcott and Carlos Vela filling the void but I suspect he will buy in January - whether it's a striker or not, let's wait and see.

In the meantime, disregard all you read about Wenger's plans unless it comes from his own lips. And even then, assume he's being guarded to protect his bargaining position.

Silly Season starts again now as far as the winter transfer window is concerned.