Veteran's View - Gooners, you know nothing!

By Samuel Mowbray

If the idiots who left early yesterday afternoon are the same idiots who were baying for Arsene's head then you are just that: idiots.

I'd rather have empty seats than sit next to morons who think there must be more excitement on the Holloway Road at 3.25 than being treated to one of the most sumptuous displays of football ever put on at the Emirates.

You know nothing.

One goal down twice. Six goals. From six different players. Each a complete gem. How often does that happen?

What do you want to keep you in the ground until the end?

How superbly fitting, as everyone is already writing, that we should win like this to celebrate Arsene's reign as our longest ever manager.

The man is a one-off genius. I have written on this subject before but I'm on such a high after the match and feel so exasperated at the departing hoards (CAN'T YOU IMAGINE WHAT THE PLAYERS FEEL!!!!!!!?) that I just wanted to send in this short post.

Football doesn't get much better than it did on Sunday afternoon. We all go for different reasons. Your first club is, well, your only club. 

At that point there is no choice. Then we are all bonded. At those moments in the stadium. Of an evening. Or Saturday. Or like Sunday. We go to escape. To share and bond. If we are lucky to celebrate. To exult. Doesn't always happen.

But, yesterday afternoon was transcendent joy and I genuinely feel sorry for people who, when offered such beauty, feel a need to re-engage with everyday life at the earliest moment when the highest of football arts is being proffered up to them.

Arsene, here's to the next 13 years. And the beauty and joy and belief....

And finally thanks to the players today who never doubted when twice down and who delivered a spectacle that will warm me through the dreariness of the next 13 days and World Cup tedium...