Class it permanent, form is temporary, Tottenham!

By Avenell Dave

It makes me laugh, it really does.

A few good results at the start of the season and already the Scum players are starting to tell us that they have a better team, that this is their year, that things are changing on the football landscape.

Oh really?

Are these the same players (mostly) who claimed that T*tt*nh*m's miserable start to last season was just a blip and that they'd find their level soon enough?

What makes me laugh even more is that R*bbie Ke*ne, who failed at Iner Milan, failed at Liverpool and found his level again at mid table mediocrity, is leading the chorus in telling the media that his club now have the stronger squad in North London.

Remember, this is the same team who bought D*vid B*ntl*y 18 months ago, only for the wide boy to talk up his love of T*tt*nh*m and how his new club were going to take over the world.

The fact is, they have a few decent players and they will no doubt raise their game against us on Saturday.

They may even take a point off us, if they play exceptionally well and we play badly, though I don't want to think about that.

But one look at their trophy cabinet, one look at who they play or, more pertinently, don't play, during midweek when we continue to grace the Champions League for the 12th successive season, should tell them who is the greater club.

It made me laugh seeing their designs for a new stadium this week - it looks a carbon copy of Emirates. New facilities won't improve the team or change its history though.

I can't ever bring myself to say a good word about T*tt*nh*m. Bunch of wide boy spivs who will be missing rat boy Lennon tomorrow. Shame. I would have liked to see him get kicked up in the air a few times and tucked up nicely in Gael Clichy's pocket.

We can't take victory for granted, of course, and old turkey neck Redknapp will no doubt be playing up his team as the day goes on.

One thing is for sure, there will be no need to urge us Addicts to turn up the volume during the game.

Time to remind Messrs Ke*ne and Co where they rightfully belong.

And that's in the garbage on the Seven Sisters Road.