Start taking the risk with Ramsey, Arséne!

By Avenell Dave

Every time Aaron Ramsey has come on this season, he has shown why he was dubbed the 'new Steven Gerrard' at Cardiff City.

Energetic, forceful and able go run from box to box, he is nowhere near the finished article but has a dynamism about him that suggests he should be given more of a chance.

I don't deny that he sometimes gives the ball away or that putting the future of the team on his young shoulders is altogether wise, but we have a player who has so much talent and is not getting a chance to use it.

How frustrating it must be for Ramsey when he sees Abou Diaby and Manu Eboue chosen ahead of him when he has more of a footballing brain than the pair of them put together.

And that's the important thing.

What Ramsey alcks in appearances he makes up for not just in heart but in his ability to think one or two passes ahead of the game.

And when he does make a mistake, there is no one who does more to win the ball back and try and make it difficult for opponents.

Coupled with that is his ability to shoot from distance and we have on our books a player who could offer us so much.

And yet hardly gets a look-in at Arsenal.

Wenger said ahead of tomorrow's match: "If you consider he is only 18, Ramsey has developed exceptionally well.

"He has made a big improvement compared to last year, when he still looked a little bit like a youth player, but now he looks like a [first-team] player. He is really pushing hard - and the other midfielders have a lot of work to keep him out of the side because he is getting very close.

"The target I set him at the start of the season was to get between 15 and 20 games this year, and I think he will get that."

So with Diaby and Eboue often looking as if theyare thinking about anything other than the game they're playing in, isn't it time Wenger gives this truly talented youth a chance?