Emmanuel Adebayor - an Arsenal apology

By Avenell Dave

Dear Emmanuel,

On behalf of all Arsenal fans around the world, I would like to offer an apology to you for the conduct of our travelling fans at the Eastlands stadium last month.

When you first arrived at Arsenal, many of us wondered whether you had what it took to be a member of our squad. You looked ungainly and unconvincing at first.

Your trickery on the left wing that led to our equaliser against T*ttenh*m in our last season at Highbury proved that you were a player with no shortage of talent and we soon warmed to you.

The following season, your goal at Old Trafford confirmed your status as a key player in our squad and when you took over as our main striker from Thierry Henry, you showed yourself to be someone we could relate to.

Your misses were spectacular but your goals were equally memorable - the turn and volley against T*ttenh*m at Sh*te H*rt L*ne was particularly special.

Us Gooners don't have as many original songs as we used to, so the fact that we had a ditty in your honour underlines how much we valued you.

It was great news when you pledged your future to us in the summer of 2008 after rumours of potential moves to Italy or Spain and like any professional, we expected you to prove to us that you would do your best in an Arsenal shirt.

Arsenal fans have never been the most vociferous and murmurs of discontent when you patently failed to try as hard as when you first arrived were hardly notable. Reports of baying abuse from home fans in your direction are simply untrue.

I'm so sorry that last season you felt that, despite your substantial pay rise, you were forced out of the club by Arsenal supporters.

I'm sorry that, while there were rumours of interest from AC Milan and Barcelona, only Man Citeh were willing to stump up three times your real value and swell the Arsenal coffers this summer.

I'm sorry you felt provoked into mouthing off against Arsenal and against the fans who only wanted you to play with the intensity and professionalism that your status and pay rise required.

I'm sorry the referee chose not to admonish you for your assault on RvP which would have prevented further action against you.

I'm sure you're not sorry to have scored against us and the fact that you reacted so aggressively shows how much you were hurting at our anger - or was it just the shame at knowing we had seen you for who you really are?

Either way, your reaction confirmed it.

It also shows how quiet the home fans must have been to have been drowned out by our travelling support.

The fact that your recent punishment for running 70 yards down the pitch has been suspended indicates that player conduct will now be judged in relation to fan behaviour.

Just one word of advice from me.

It's ironic that Thierry Henry was quoted on the same day as your verdict - and admitted how much Arsenal is in his blood and that he wants to return someday.

You might want to take a few lessons from Titi in how to act with integrity and decency but somehow, I don't think you can convince anyone that you're anything other than a mediocre footballer and a mercenary.