Jegbie's Journal: Soon Arsenal will be great

The January transfer merry go round has started!


Defoe back to Spurs ... Bridge to Man City .... Toure maybe about to leave too....speculation about Arshavin joining us.


How does Mark Hughes still have a job??


Like a lot of Arsenal fans I would love to see new faces come in but if it doesn’t happen I’m not going to throw my toys out the pram.


We’ve had a shocking number of injuries this season which would have derailed any team. You need to have strength in depth and that is where we have been caught short – moreso because our back-up players have suffered injuries too!


Our fans slate Nic Bendtner but people should bear in mind that he is our FOURTH choice striker behind Ade, RVP and Edu and is better than the other big three’s 4th choice strikers.


I love Kolo but if he goes then he goes – he has suffered because of Malaria and because he no longer has a towering CB partner as he did with Sol.


Football is all about partnerships on the pitch and Kolo and Gallas don’t work together, as Wenger has finally admitted. Hence why Djourou and Gallas is a better option.


Wenger has been unable to find a suitable partner for Fabregas so far either. Denilson and Song have time to grow and will become fine players but they are not good enough yet to do the dog work and let Fab get on with pulling the midfield strings.


Nasri’s best position appears to be behind the strikers and he is having a good first season compared to the likes of Pires and Hleb.


At the moment we are playing for a Champions League place and that’s it – Villa appear to be our main rivals and any injuries to Barry, Agbonlahor or Young will hurt them badly. They havebeen lucky this year so far on the injury front.


The margin between success and failure in footy is very small and we are not that far away from being great.


We’ve just had a bad 2008/09 season so far ... if you call being in FA cup, Champions League and 5th in the table with half the season to play bad.


It all depends what your expectations are .... after losing Hleb / Flamini and Gilberto in the summer, did anyone expect us to do better than last season .... please!


Which brings me on to the fan sitting next to me at the Plymouth game moaning that we should have scored more goals ..... We have no divine right to win ... some fans appear to have become greedy with the success Mr Wenger has given us.


We need to go back to basics and take the 1-0s and the decent points away from home.


We are just not that great at the moment .... Period!


But we will be soon...... Vela .... The return of Eduardo .... Kieran Gibbs ... Jack Wilshere .... Aaron Ramsey ....... the future is bright.


I poured myself some water earlier and the cup was half full.