UPDATED - Arshavin on his way - or maybe not

As far as Arsenal transfers are concerned, following the dreariness of the summer, I am now losing the will to live.

Andrei Arshavin is no closer to being an Arsenal player after Arsene Wenger denied on Friday afternoon that the club had successfully applied for a work permit for the Russian playmaker.

The long drawn out saga seems to have reached a conclusion after Arshavin dropped his wage demands but Wenger said: "These kind of stories sometimes develop in the last minute on the final day of the transfer window. It is very difficult to predict.

"Whether we are close or not has little meaning - it does not matter how close you are, what is important is that you agree. At the moment, we have no agreement with anybody for any transfer.

"We are always confident, we try our best and respect our budget. If we can find an agreement, we will do it, if we cannot we will not overspend what we have planned to do. I can only give you the way we think on our side. I cannot give you what other people think."

So Arshavin is now unlikely to be confirmed as an Arsenal player before Arsenal’s match against West Ham at Emirates tomorrow.

Given the creative ineptitude we have shown lately, the Russian’s impact would be welcome relief for Gooners who have seen the side shorn of Eduardo, Tomas Rosicknote, Theo Walcott and of course, captain Cesc Fabregas.

The fee is said to be about £15m and Arshavin will pay back a huge slice of that if he helps us regain fourth spot and the Champions League which seems to be Arsène Wenger’s main domestic target now.

He can't play for us in this season's Champions League, so let's just hope he helps get us there again by the end of this season.