Six days to go in the transfer window: will Arsenal fans be disappointed once again?

I'm beginning to think that this transfer window is like Groundhog Day, because the feeling of deja vu I'm getting is somewhat disturbing.

I remember being glued to my computer until way after midnight when the August window closed, so hopeful was I that Arsene Wenger would pull something surprising out of the hat at the last minute. That, of course, did not happen, but we should remember that we signed Samir Nasri during the summer and I applaud Wenger's vision on that deal.

But here we are on the morning of January 27th and we're still awaiting news on any movement within Emirates Stadium. The Andrei Arshavin deal has not happened despite the Gunners' supposed deadline of yesterday and that too is giving me deja vu - remember the deadlines set for Mathieu Flamini to renew his contract and the assertions that he would remain at the Arsenal?

Anyway, with six days to go until that window slams shut again (the window officially closes at 1700 GMT on Monday February 2nd) , there's still plenty of time for Le Gaffer to secure a new player or two ahead of the West Ham game. And now he has Ivan Gazidis to help him with the negotiations and the paperwork, so I'm still in the glass half full camp when it comes to Arsenal spending some money.

We've heard time and time again that Arsene will only bring a very special talent to the club, but we've also heard him say that he has more than one target, so with any luck we might see a new Gunner or two being paraded on the pitch prior to the Hammers game this Saturday.

The alternative, quite frankly, could have consequences. Us Gooners have been spoiled so badly in the past decade that our demands have increased almost as much as the club's ticket prices. As a result, there is a growing number of fans who are not afraid to air their grievances at home games and if we get to Saturday without any ink meeting paper in the Emirates boardroom, then I think the boo-boys may have a message for the Arsenal hierarchy.

I remain confident though. In Arsene we trust and all that malarky.

After all, at the time of this post there are still 140 hours left to secure a deal.

What do you lot reckon? Is your cup brimming over, half full, half empty or completely dry? Are you frustrated by the way Arsenal conduct their transfer business? Share your thoughts - and concerns - here, using out comments section below.