Seven things Arsenal learnt from victory over Hull City

  1. We’re one of the fittest sides in the Premier League – 16 goals in the last 15 minutes this season is the best record of late goals, underlining our never-say-die determination.
  2. Three goals away from home suggests we might, just might be getting our rhythm back.
  3. Robin van Persie is starting to show the form he has threatened to display in the past – great free kicks, excellent hold-up play and an eye for goal.
  4. Nicklas Bendtner giving the sort of cameo which suggests he may well have a Gunners future after all.
  5. Gael Clichy is having a stinker of a season and his lapse of concentration to allow Bernard Mendy’s cross was verging on criminal.
  6. Victories over Blackburn, Bolton and Hull away from home prove that Arsenal’s supposed soft centre has nothing to do with travelling up north.
  7. However bad things may seem compared to Wengerball teams of old, we're on an eight match unbeaten run and things could be worse. We could be bottom of the league like one sub standard team I could mention.

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