That's it, I'm cancelling my Arsenal season ticket!

So as things stand, no news on transfers, no developments with Andrei Arshavin or any other player and millions of Gooners around the world wondering what is going on with our club.

Arsène Wenger has said repeatedly that he needs an additional creative spark and a defensive midfielder who can tackle – and yet, as usual, we have seen nothing of it.

Even the sexy football that Arsenal has become renowned for seems to have slipped by the wayside with the team grinding out results against sides that former Wenger teams would have destroyed.

It’s all rather disheartening, isn’t it?

With the number of empty seats we’ve seen recently at Emirates, it’s fair to predict that there are plenty of Gooners getting fed up with what the club is offering us in terms of value for money, not to mention entertainment.

A survey published yesterday said that there are about 25% of Gooners who may not renew. People I see regularly at the stadium are talking in ambiguous terms about whether they will retain their season ticket next year and in some ways, I don’t blame them.

But, as many of you Addicts have said on this site in the past, that may not be such a bad thing....

The late arrivers, who also tend to be early leavers and last out of the bar at half-time, tend to be those fans who don’t care about the match as much of us diehards.

I can never fathom why, with ticket prices so high, people don’t want to get every last second of value for money by watching the entirety of the game from the comfort of their seats.

I suspect it’s many of them who will be the first not to renew and good riddance I say.

Much as I would like to think we can sustain a concerted level of success like that Wenger has masterminded during his tenure, the fact is, every club goes through peaks and troughs.

M*nure and Ch*vski have both been relegated in the last 30 or so years and they, along with Scouserpool have had their barren spells as well. Four years without a trophy is no time at all in the grand scheme of things.

We can all lament bad decisions by players, Wenger, the board or referees, but at the end of the day, that is the soap opera that is football, and it would be tremendously boring otherwise.

The other upside of losing a number of our season-ticket holders is that it will remind the board that fans’ loyalty and commitment is not guaranteed for life.

I live and breathe Arsenal but that doesn’t mean everyone does and if the level of success and supporter satisfaction drops, the board need to address that.

That means understanding that new faces excite the fans; that decent food and stadium provisions at realistic prices are imperative; and that heavy-handed tactics by some stewards is counter-productive.

The fact that our tickets are so expensive is also worth noting. I read an article in FourFourTwo recently where QPR fans were complaining that their tickets had risen to £500 – they don’t know how lucky they are!

I only got a season ticket when the new stadium opened, having waited many years to get a regular ticket. I had to rely on friends not being able to go on the most part, missing some of the glorious occasions that have made up our history over the past 30 years.

The fact is, even if we had an unforeseen and calamitous deterioration and somehow did a ‘Leeds United’ and dropped a couple of divisions (which will never happen), there is no way, while I live and breathe, that I will give up my season ticket.

Too many times I’ve missed something spectacular, listening on the radio or had to wait until the highlights have been shown to see the team in action.

Never again.

And if you have even considered cancelling your season ticket next year for anything other than desperate financial or health reasons – shame on you.